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Victor finally summarized the whole conversation into the best BYOD-oriented statement I’ve ever heard: “BYOD is all about security.” The problem is that business owners and their customers don’t want secure or private documents falling into competitor’s hands. Ken Hess
“Bring Your Own Device”, (BYOD), and schools will more than likely move away from providing devices for students sooner than later.  While BYOD is far too radical for many school districts at this time, it is inevitable that this is the future.  Scott Meech
The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend puts IT departments in a bind. Employees — often led by C-level execs — want to use their iPads, iPhones and other devices for work. But while those devices are easy to use, they’re not so easily integrated into corporate IT, especially in an age where IT staffs have been cut while their workloads have not. Barb Darrow
Not since the Casual Friday Rebellion of the '70s have corporate policies been flouted with such fervor as with the recent Bring Your Own Device Revolution. Employees want their iPhones and iPads. (Yes, there other devices like Android, but most accounts lay blame for the revolt at the feet of Jobs, et al, whose groundbreaking designs incited a level of fanaticism Khali Henderson


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